Changing your state. What’s that mean, exactly?

Remember my unbeliever from Chapter One? What

kind of state was he in before he turned it around? If

you recall, he was in a very disempowered state when he

sought me out. He was nervous, fearful, anxious, tense,

and entirely lacking self-confidence. In short, there was

no way that he could do well in competition unless he

changed his statea 먹튀.

So, what did he do in those few minutes that made

all the difference?

Recall that, with little coaching, he changed his state

from being totally fearful and disempowered to being

totally confident and prepared for competition. He

literally became an unchained force of dominance. And

he did it so quickly!

I promised that I would teach you how to do what

he did, so here we go. With everything you’ve learned so

far, I know you are ready. Here’s what you need to

understand, and here’s exactly how to go about doing it

for yourself.

Thoughts create the emotions and feelings that are

the cause of your state. Whatever state that may be,

your own thoughts put you there. So, whenever you find

yourself in a disempowered state remember this: you

can alter your thoughts and your state by focusing on

three different critical elements.

The First Critical Element: Self-Talk. Ask yourself:

What would the self-talk of a champion sound like as he

prepared for competition?

I took my unbeliever aside and I asked him a simple

question, “If you were a great champion with tons of

experience at this level, and if you had an incredible

record, and if you were at the top of your game where no

one could touch you, what would your self-talk sound

like as you prepared to go into this match?”

My unbeliever looked at me, “I don’t know, coach.”

“Well, how about things like: I’m strong, I’m fast, I

dominate. I control the match, I never give in, I never

give up. I’m powerful, I beat my opponent, I’m an

unchained lethal gladiator, I conquer. I’m an

unstoppable champion, a force of fury, my opponent

submits. Or how about these? I’m ready, I take charge,

I keep going, I don’t let up, I win, I’m tougher, I’m

stronger, I’m better, I stop my opponent.

Get the idea?” I asked.

“Yep,” he said.

“Good. Then that’s what I want. Pretend you’re an

actor. Start being that champion. Start hearing the self-

talk of that champion,” I told him. “I want you to

pretend and feel that you are this champion I just

described. I want you to start firing off, inside your

head, the same self-talk that this champion would have

going through his head as he gets ready for a match.

Start now,” I told him looking at my watch. “We don’t

have much time.”

I shut up and watched him as he immersed himself

in his task. At this point Jeremy began firing off the self-

talk of a champion in his head. He stayed nearby as he

walked around, pacing, putting all his focus and his

entire being into the exercise.

After about a minute I got his attention again.

“Good, very good,” I said, “now we are going to add

something to it.”

The Second Critical Element: The way that you

carry your body. Ask yourself: How would this

champion’s body be moving as he prepared for battle?

“Jeremy,” I said, “start moving your body around as

this champion that is preparing for competition.”

He was listening hard. I continued, “Keep on seeing

yourself as this champion, keep the self-talk going, and

at the same time I want you to now start moving your

body around as if you were this champion getting ready

to beat your opponent down. How would you be moving

your body? How would you, as this champion, carry

yourself as you prepared for the match? Show me.

Starting right now,” I added, “you get another minute.”

Jeremy sprang into action. Before my eyes he

started moving his body around like a champion

warming up, getting ready to do battle, pacing, and

practicing on an imaginary opponent, full of energy, like

a caged gladiator waiting to be released. And, as I

watched, I began to have hope. Jeremy’s body motions

became like those of a champion annihilator.

At the same time, as he moved his body around like

this champion annihilator, Jeremy kept firing off the

self-talk of this champion in his head.

Now we had the self-talk of a champion going, and

the body movements of a champion preparing for battle

going on. I let him do his work. I didn’t disturb him for

another minute or so.

The Third Critical Element: Breathing. Watching

Jeremy’s imagination, self-talk, and body motions begin

to turn things around for him, I threw in the third

element. “Jeremy,” I asked, “how would this champion

be breathing right now as he prepared for battle? Keep

the self-talk going, keep moving your body around as

this champion, and now, I want you to add the breathing

of a champion getting ready to do battle.”

Without missing a beat, Jeremy adjusted his

breathing. Now he had all three critical elements going.

Breathing, movement, and self-talk. Jeremy was in a

different world.

At the end of those few minutes, Jeremy had

changed his state completely. When he walked on to

that mat, he was ready physically and mentally, and he

was therefore able to deliver one of his best

performances ever. By bringing all three critical

elements together in this way, Jeremy, my unbeliever,

got out of his own way, he changed his state, he let his

training take over, and he competed like a true


That’s how he did it, and that’s how you can do it


As part of your pre-competition routine . . .

Ask yourself: What would the self-talk of a

champion be like as he prepared for competition?

How would that champion be moving his body

around as he prepared?

And how would that champion be breathing as he

prepared to enter the competition and face his


Then do it. Bring it all together for several minutes

prior to your time, and allow yourself to enter into this

totally prepared and empowered state before you

compete. Get out of your own way. Let your training

take over.

Remember: Use all three critical elements

and bring them together in order to change your

state completely-The Self-talk of a Champion

preparing to do battle, the Body Movements of a

Champion preparing to do battle, and the

Breathing of a Champion preparing to do battle.

Then, allow yourself to become that Champion

as you enter your competition.

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